Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costume 2012

I'm having some fun throwing together my costume for this year. I decided to go as a Nord warrior / inspired character from Skyrim. 

Here are the props I bought before I painted them:

I wanted to make them silver plated so I painted them and added a few details to the sword and hat:

I wish I would have had a place to spray paint these so the paint would have held better. But acrylic is all I had. So they are prone to easy chipping! 
But it's one night so I am happy with how they came out!

For the outfit I combined these two outfits:

I needed the skirt on the warrior, and wanted to cover my arms so I am using the top on the pirate. I ended up sewing the pirate belt as a belt on the skirt. I also made a sheath for the sword out of one of the shoulder pieces from the warrior costume. 

I ended up cutting these wings into two and using them as shoulder armor:

And then a fur scarf that I will be using as a sash:


  1. Final costume pics coming soon I hope? I wanna see it all together!

  2. If I have enough guts to post them! Haha.
    The party is this Saturday, so probably after that.

    1. I will have to post them after a few courage beers. :-)